one thing that Twitter was good for was spitting out short thoughts of varying quality. that is going to happen here.


at the playground this morning and ended up pushing a swing next to a woman wearing the same fanny pack as me, with the same Dead Moon shirt that I have as a tank top. "Wow, it's girl you" K remarked.

Dead Moon is like the perfect band for dirtbag parents to be into because it's a band made of dirtbag parents and they're incredible in a way that totally transcends Parent Rock.


imagining Philly Boy Roy saying "Knuckles the Echidna"

If you spend your entire life with a red ribbon around your neck telling your beloved to remove it when you're on your deathbed and your fucking head falls off feels like the worst way to drop that news. You're dying! They're already going to have a bad day!


fuck to the dad from the Pixar film The Good Dinosaur. Everything bad that happens in that movie is his fault, and he gets to be dead and not deal with it. His death is entirely his own fault - he ignores both his son and the weather! Rest in piss, dad dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur!

as you probably guessed I watched the Good Dinosaur with my daughter this past week. The main idea of it is "what if dinosaurs were boring."

If you do not have a weird relationship with your dad can you even watch Pixar films. Like do they even resolve in front of your eyes or is it just a big screen of white like dogs see.