Things I Didn't Post

Over the weekend circumstances required me to spend a long time alone, at night, at my office in Manhattan, doing extremely tedious work, and both nights - in between speakerphone calls and listening to bands I used to be into in high school and putting on MST3k in the background - I basically wrote out in my head long posts that I wanted to write here, going so far as to draft them as well. But I'm glad I never did - both were very angry and very much the product of someone doing something very tedious for long hours.

I'm also getting maybe a bit more conscientious about social media - now, after I've stopped using almost all of it. I'm changing jobs for the first time in almost a decade, in September, working for a large company for the first time in my life, and actually had to agree to a background check when signing my offer letter. Of course I don't think the things they are looking for or worried about are the sorts of things I held back from posting - can't imagine they're too worried about fevered screeds against articles from - but it has maybe made me consider what I wish to be putting out there. With these posts in particular, I kind of wonder if I was driven to write them out explicitly because I wasn't home where I could complain to my wife?