A Note and a Link

Walking into our apartment after a week away and I was struck by the smell - not a bad smell, we cleaned pretty well before we left, but what our apartment actually smells like without us in here moving the air around and making our own cooking and living odors. This apartment was renovated last spring and it still smells like paint and young wood. I was struck by a sudden memory of childhood, of coming home to the house I grew up in after time away - smelling a cool, dusty smell and being dimly aware that this was the essential smell of my home, chiming softly in the background of everything else I smelled there.

Anyway if you got through that this is a honestly heart-rending... it's not an oral history, more like a series of collected odes - to Maxwell's, a dearly departed Hoboken institution. I only ever went to two shows there and I have a lot of things I regret MORE than that but it is on the list.

Maxwell's: an Oral History, by Frances Badalamenti