RE: A New Hobby!

November on the SmolPub feed posted about doing a little gardening:


Which is actually something we've just started doing for the first time this spring. We've never had an outdoor space before (pretty hard to come by in Brooklyn) and one of the big things that convinced us to get this apartment was the backyard space with a small garden patch. It's not big and it's not deep and it doesn't get a lot of light - and we are NOT gardeners - but we've been really pleasantly surprised so far. We've got tomato plants, beans and a VERY vigorous cucumber plant, as well as rosemary, cilantro, parsley, etc. So far we have gotten one very funny-looking cucumber - the rains have picked up over the last few weeks so one end of it is small and the rest was incredibly bulbous - which we ate raw on a salad despite it being a pickling variety. It was great!

The post from november was especially apropos because while we think of it as a garden the neighborhood cats have long considered the little dirt bit in our back yard to be a toilet - we've planted lavender and sowed coffee grounds in an attempt to dissuade them but I will have to try catmint!!!