Plugging Away

My output on here has been a little bit more sparse over the past couple of days, mostly because I've been messing around with the Pocket CHIP. It's been interesting and a little eye-opening trying to figure it out - again, I'm learning a lot, which is neat, and getting a lot more comfortable with the terminal, screen, etc. - but it does inspire a little hair-pulling occasionally. There are a lot of tutorials about setting up the CHIP in certain ways and some of them work and some of them don't and some of them partially work... and there is, once again, the philosophical question of what I want the Pocket CHIP to do. The systems I see on here that I love are command line only, and I think I'd like to do that - but I would love to integrate the mouse support if ONLY for selection entire lines when word processing, etc. There's a ton of old forks of stuff - PocketDESK, PocketDESKLite, etc. - and I have to figure out what I want from them, before I can even figure out if they'reinstallable.

My first install I decided to go with the pocketchip flash, and then followed one of the many excellent guide to get it updated to the latest version of Debian, because obviously I'd want the latest and greatest. But so many things seemed just a little broken, I reflashed the CHIP - multiple times - and now I'm messing around with the original Jessie (I think) version with the repositories updated but little else done to it. I've probably been a bit too cautious in terms of giving up and reflashing but I'd rather start fresh every time. I know there's a ton of great resources, especially on here, but unfortunately when I had to wipe my laptop I lost my Amfora bookmarks. Hopefully I can find those again!