I think the Daily Hog is going to sleep on Sundays or possibly the entire weekend. It’s kind of funny trying to do a daily little blog post like that - I always feel like I see a lot of stuff online from day to day and through my RSS feeds but not just duplicating links from the Vulture or whatever every day is a little difficult.

There’s also a feeling I get that... there’s fewer things to LINK to on the http web now that people are largely creating on social media. Like, looking at BoingBoing or LaughingSquid or Waxy, it feels like a lot of it is actually downstream from either Twitter or Reddit or YouTube. Which makes it harder but which I guess is the whole reason we’re here, right?

Also having one link a day from the Gemini space means I have to keep exploring, which is great!

The last few days work has been pretty wild, but luckily my mother in law is staying with us and I’ve gotten a little breathing room. It just started getting hot, and after a very weird series of shipping events our new air conditioner - our first new-in-box air conditioner of our entire lives - got here just in time. Every summer there’s one week where it starts to get really hot and I have to reacclimatize to sweating all of the time. As always I’m going to think about how foolish it is that in the West people with penises are socialized to wear pants, adding another layer of fabric right at the crotch. We now live in a neighborhood with a big Bengali population and shopping area and this might be the year I finally get a lungi.

This year we finally have a back yard space so we ran out and got a little inflatable kiddie pool. But what we DON’T have is a hose - for some reason they never installed an outdoor water source - and so I got out one of my five gallon beer brewing buckets, filled it in the bathtub, handed it out the window to K, she dumped it in, rise and repeat. The kids had fun at least!

Yesterday morning I had a bit of a scare when my phone stopped working with WiFi and, temporarily, not even connecting over cellular data. This phone is four years old now and the battery isn’t great shakes and it’s an iPhone. When I got the Lenovo laptop and installed elementaryOS on it - which started me on this whole thing in the first place! - I hadn’t had a working Mac personal computer in a year or so, so I was already out of the Apple ecosystem. So it’s been increasingly difficult to manage and yesterday I just said “screw it” and upgraded to a Pixel 4a through my wireless provider.

Then I walked to the bedroom, turned on my laptop, and the wifi wasn’t working.

I’m not actually sure what’s going on, I think that adding my mother in laws phone and Kindle to our network might have maxxed out the number of devices that can effectively connect to our network? Last night everything just went back to normal. So I’m trying to convince myself that I needed a new phone ANYWAY and not to get too uptight about it not being strictly necessary.