The Mistresses of Games

>The story of how St. Bride’s School came to release not one but eight full-length text adventures between 1985 and 1992—most with female protagonists, all cleverly written and well-reviewed—is one of the strangest in the history of gaming. It’s a complicated story where no clear heroes emerge, or even a clear cast of characters. The stories of their nearly-lost game Silverwolf and its creation are both about the beguiling and dangerous power of becoming someone else. They are stories full of frustrating riddles and beautiful imagery that never quite resolve into coherent wholes. They blur the boundaries of the everyday world with fantastic intrusions. They are stories it can be hard, at times, to believe.

1992: Silverwolf

Found this piece on Twitter and was absolutely blown away by it, to the point where - until I got to the video clips I was genuinely uncertain if what I was reading was fiction. I had never heard of any of this and I can't help but feel like this is the sort of information someone stumbles into 35 pages into a mystery or horror novel.

Actually, thinking about it now - finding a cassette tape at a jumble sale, finding a seemingly undiscovered space in a text adventure based on an actual building, a strange and cursed trip to see if the fictional space matches the real one... it basically writes itself!!!