Pocket C.H.I.P: Prologue: The CHIPpening

The C.H.I.P for my Pocket C.H.I.P got here last night and I went ahead and flashed it. In order to do so I had to connect the FEL and GROUND ports on one of the uh board bits with a jumper cord or paper clip - and of course we didn’t have a either. As it turns out an old twist-tie from a bread bag - with the coating stripped off from the end - will work in a pinch!

I don’t have an actual monitor so anything else will have to wait until the Pocket body comes (hopefully today). That one actually comes with a C.H.I.P too - I just got a little antsy waiting and figured I could use a backup. I might aaaactually take one of them and make it into a little server and possibly run a capsule or try to figure out what, exactly, rawtext.club is with it.