The Daily Hog for June 3rd, 2021: BANG BANG

                                   ...::::::::...           .....::---:::::..                         
                               ..:--:::..                          .....::--:::.                      
                           .:---::..             𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓭𝓪𝓲𝓵𝔂 𝓱𝓸𝓰            .:::::::                    
                         .---:...                                          :::::::-:                  
                       .--::.             .:::::::---::..  ...:::-::::.:::::::::--:=--.               
                     :----. .:.           :-:::----:::::::::::-::.       ..:::-::-:---:               
                ....:-:..-=-.:-..    .::. .-:..:-:.:::---:::..         ::-::--:.--:-.::               
              ..:-+=--==-:-* .:-::.   :-:. .:--:::.::::::..          .--:....::::::-  .               
             .::-:--:=--===-  .:--=-.  :-:   :--:--:::.            .==-:. .  .::::::                  
                   :--::.-:.  .---++-:  .::...=------:          . :=:::-.   .::::-:                   
                  .-:.....::.  ::-=+-::.:---::-+-::--:.......::::-===:::-: .::---:                    
              ...::.   ... .-: .-=-+==:------::+-:---::::-::::::::..:-::::..:---.                     
               ......:-=-==--::-::. .+=-==-::--      ...:.:::....  ==-:-:-:-:.-.                      
                        .           ::.:-.--.--                    .-::: .:.:=.                       
                                    :::=.  -..-.                   :-.:  .:.-=                        
                                   -::-:   ::::-                  :--.:  ::.:-                        
                                  :-=::.   ----:             ... :::--..-::-::...                     
                             ... ........ .::-..:......      ..........::.::.......                   

I posted a link earlier today and remembered: I like posting links!




25 Essential Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes by Courney Enlow, THE VULTURE

MST3k is a perennial obsession with mine, not just because I loved it in 8th grade, leading me to patronize an independent video store that shaped my entire life - but also because... the thing that MST3K was is so deeply tied to the time period when it emerged. A truly local media product that finds mass success but remains tied to its community. It's a period of time that I definitely have rose-colored glasses about (as, I figure, we all do about the time period about seven years before you turn 16) but I can't keep myself from reading anything MST3k related.



a list of favorite Cantonese words and expressions paired with beautiful and hilarious personal connections to them.


Lost in Space Music: Records That Explore the Outer Limits

Adding to my RSS feed has been both a blessing and a curse - I'm learning about a lot of amamazing new music but my wishlist swells every hour and I have way too many tabs open. This is one I've been working my way through for the past week or so - beautiful music inspired by the cosmos.


Wire Mother Podcast

Wire Mother is a short comedy podcast inspired by the American South. It is INCREDIBLY funny and occasionally heart-wrenching - there is one sketch where a character, upon dying, meets Death and asks them if they can stop for tacos on the way to the great beyond. Death says no, and they reply, "I lived and worked in the United States. You owe me, you wretch." The about page describes it thusly:

wire mother is a short comedy podcast. it is for an adult audience and listener discretion is advised. you can follow us on twitter or you can stop just past the I-16 vidalia exit, get out of the van and disappear into the woods. you can balance a hardboiled egg on the back of your palm. you can call your estranged father and vent your feelings in a new language you learned. you can blow glass into fantastic shapes. you can drink broth on top of a mountain. you can be the last thing a hundred and twenty year old tortoise sees before it dies. you can swim nude in a lake with your high school bully. you can let fire ants crawl all over your body. you can do anything you want.

thats it for today, keep it hoggy. if you see something, say something -