Baby's Little Linux Projects

I believe I mentioned on here before a small project I've been working on - and it's very important for me to emphasize just how small this is, something that should have just taken maybe fifteen minutes to set up. But I'm a Linux Baby (TM) and so it has taken me WEEKS to get going. All it is is a simple script, that somebody else wrote, that queries Bandcamp and automatically downloads any new music that I have recently bought to my NAS. This was one of the first things I imagined doing once I really started to realize the possibilities of knowing a little bit more about computing - just being like, ohhhh, there's not really anything intrinsic about what I'm doing that would stop this! If I want this to happen I can easily make it so! Which I kind of feel is the very basis of *gulp* learning programming.

I've already written on here about having to actually think about what I want a computer to do, because I've been so used to... I don't know what you would call it! Just web browsing and using Twitter or whatever, not even really file management because I was waiting to get "my own machine." I feel like I've been so blinkered by that for a while that I am not really sure what I should use a computer for. Starting to muck around in Terminal and messing with config files and everything is fun, but it also allows me to get the measure of what is actually possible. Getting the Bandcamp Downloader working has made me read up on file permissions, mount points, (very basic) BASH scripting, cron and anacron, etc etc while also really familiarizing myself with basic BASH commands - just using ls or cat without having to really think about it. I'm finding it really neat and fun, and now that I have maybe a little bit of more of an idea how to do stuff with cron, etc., I can start thinking about new, bigger things to do.

About a month ago I ordered a Pocket C.H.I.P - the favorite obsolete tech of gemini and the fediverse!!! - and it looks like it should be getting here tomorrow. I've been trying to wrap my head around tmux in hopes of creating a dashboard setup like kelbot's or ecliptik's - links below. I'm pretty pumped to spend more time imagining stuff and - at the very least - taking someone else's code from GitHub to make it a reality.

=>gemini:// kelbot's terminal dashboard, which has been minaturized into

=>gemini:// kelbot's Pocket C.H.I.P dashboard

=>gemini:// ecliptik's Pocket C.H.I.P dashboard