A Test of Wordgrinder

I'm sitting at my kitchen table typing right now, keeping one eye on Add who is sitting on the floor in Eee's room flipping through Eee's copy of The Big Book of Why. Now she's running towards me and I've lifted her into her booster seat and she's finishing off the yogurt cup she started earlier. Now she's reaching over, trying to shove one tiny toddler finger right onto the power button of my laptop. Baby, no! Kay and Eee are in the kitchen, making a cake and kind of sniping at each other because Eee cannot, absolutely cannot, keep herself from picking things up, touching stuff and shoving her entire hand into the sugar jar.

I'm writing this sort of stream of conciousness account because I wanted to test out Wordgrinder, which seems pretty cool so far - kind of exactly what I was hoping it would be. My Pocket C.H.I.P. is still in the Hong Kong Airmail Center purgatory but I think one thing I would like to do is basically use it (with the little Planck keyboard a really nice follower on Twitter gifted me) as basically a typewriter. In the end it's entirely possible that the Pocket C.H.I.P. is going to be not extremely usable but now that I feel more comfortable even considering this stuff I think I could just get a Raspberry Pi and a little e-ink monitor or something.

Something I'd like to do on this capsule is to make another separate little page - like the vermouth reviews - just about the little projects I'm doing and would like to do. I also feel like I should maybe try to jazz up my header with ASCII art, which I originally wrote off as kind of corny and then IMMEDIATELY saw some great work from other people and fell in love.