Hello World

Hello - this is my first post and what feels more freighted and doomed than that. Standing at the end of a long tradition of writing “I’m hoping to post more here” and then just vanishing, reaching back to I assume DARPA or maybe like dropping huge flags from hot air balloons.

When I was oh maybe seventeen I liked nothing more than to read the blogs of people I didn’t know, who I would never meet, and who were interested in things that I was not interested in. It felt so neat to be able to read about the day to day life of another person, as mundane as that might be - and I guess it made me realize that no-one’s life is mundane, and that no-one’s interests are so obscure or dry as to be actually boring if they can talk about them with passion.

I have a large social media presence for someone who doesn’t... DO anything, at least not any of the usual things that people get big social media followings for, and I can’t help but think about how much I don’t share in those places - things I omit because I want to keep stuff interesting for my audience, even if I don’t think of it in those terms. Here I give myself full license to be very, very boring.